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“” is the website of EMCO Group*, devoted to devices, techniques and reagents for biological staining specimens of biological material that can be assessed in the microscope

The English term "stainer" is used in practice of medical laboratories as the name of automatic machines for blood smear staining and other micropreparations on slides.

2009, EMCO LLC started production of the first authentic automatic slide stainer in Russia.

Currently available 5 different models: AFOMK-6, AFOMK8-V-01, AFOMK8-G-01, AFOMK-13-PAP, AFOMK-16.

2016, MLT LLC will start the release of the fundamentally new automatic slide stainer’s AFOMK-16, AFOMK-16-PRO. AFOMK-16-PRO stainer produces consistent, high-quality results for both routine and special stains (PAP-test).

Devices are distributed under the brand name “EMCOSTAINER”.

There are working thematic websites: “”, “” –  devoted to staining methods and their inventors.  

* EMCO Group includes 2 enterprises: EMCO LLC, Moscow; MLT LLC, Dubna SEZ. The main activity is the development and manufacture of devices and reagents for in vitro diagnostic use. EMCO Group’s website –

All products are registered by the Russian Ministry of Health. Registration certificates are in the "Documents" section