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Emcostainer 16 (AFOMK-16)

Hematology, microbiology, cytology (Papanicolaou staining and Romanowsky staininig), histology.

The newest development 2016

EMKOSTAINER AFOMK -16 is the new compacted programmed slide stainer for automatic fixation and blood smear stain. Despite the small size, it gives the ability to realize the most difficuly methodics (including Papanicolaou staining) and it can work with high performance.

In stainer are used original slide racks with upper fastening. While staining, the details aren’t dipped in liquid that provides the fast drying of slides. Despite the small capacity of slide racks, the stainer can elaborate preparations with high performance. For example, while doing hematological Papenheim staining with slides’ endurance in Gimse process solution within 15 minutes, the estimated performance is up to 120 dried slides per hour, which is achieved through parallel processing of slide racks. At the same time it can be set up to 10 racks of 10 slides (total - 100 slides). Similarly, the productivity can be increased while staining MTB with fluorochromes for MTB, Papanicolaou staining and so on.

Instrument specification

  • Maximum 16 stations, including 1 drying station.
  • Working camera (with compulsory ventilation) with the ability of connection to centralized ventilation and to absorbent filter.
  • 100 ml baths with screwed-down lids.
  • Slide racks of 10 slides with upper fastening (the slide rack doesn’t contact with reagents, the field point of slide isn’t stained).
  • Processing modes: extract, activation, dipping, loading racks, etc.
  • TFT-Touch screen, graphical and intelligent user interface.
  • Maximum 32 programs, up to 30 program steps.
  • While delivering, the programs are loaded in accordance with customer requirements, including: Romanovsky staining (Pappenheim, etc.), Gram staining, Ziehl-Nielsen staining, staining with fluorochromes for MTB, Hematoxylin-Eosin staining for smears and sections, Papanicolaou staining and etc.

Specimen slide throughput

depends on the program-structure, (up to 120 slides per hour)

Loading capacity

max. 2 slide racks

Slide rack capacity

25 ospecimen slides, 2 mm thick

Total number of station


Technological stations (reagent stations, load/unload rack stations)


Reagent container volume, ml


Rinse station (tab water)


Drying station


Drying temperature

30°С – 50°С

Permanent memory capacity

max. 30 programs, up to 30 program steps, up to 50 titles of process liquids


Technical Data

Nominal voltage

~ 220V ± 10%

Nominal frequency

50 Hz

Maximum power draw

600 VA

Primary fuses

FST type, mains power, 2 x 10 A

Operating temperature range

15°С to 35°С

Relative humidity

30% to 75%, non-condensing


Dimensions and weight

Basic instrument (W x D x H), in mm

460 x 520 x 330

Dry weight, unpacked

20 kg

Weight, packed

30 kg

Standard delivery – packing (the device is at the registration stage; available at the 1st-2nd quarter 2016)

Under construction

All products are registered by the Russian Ministry of Health. Registration certificates are in the "Documents" section