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Emcostainer 16-25 (AFOMK-16-25)

Emcostainer 16-25 (AFOMK-16-25)

Hematology, microbiology, cytology (Papanicolaou staining and Romanowsky staininig), histology. High performance.

The staining of preparations is performed by sequential programmed transfer of racks with slides from station to station where technological operations are fulfilled.

Working chamber is closed by transparent lid and is equipped with compulsory ventilation, which ensures the safe working with toxic reagents.

There is one station (#1) for drying with warm air flow, one station (#2) with flow-through vessel (tap water or distilled water), and one station (#9) for automated loading and unloading of racks with slides.

The remaining stations are versatile – they allow to use them either for placement of containers with liquid reagents or for placement of racks with slides. That gives the possibility to create an optimum configuration of device for each technique and even for each laboratory.

The device possesses extremely simple and reliable unique mechanics. The movement of racks with slides is executed by rotation not only in the horizontal plane, but also in up and down direction. When the rack rises from a liquid, it automatically inclines at the same time. It facilitates draining of liquid from slides and the rack. Thus, the transfer of reagents between containers is very low. Design of the manipulator mechanism provides fixing of a rack due blocking up of its handhold in case of rise. Rigid fixing of its handhold gives the possibility to use high-speed modes of movement (during dipping, shaking, transfer from station to station and so on).

Control and programming is carried out with the color touch screen. Not only the sequence and duration of technological operations are programmed, but also their parameters, and regimes. For example, technological operations can be executed with activation with the different period, without activation and also by dipping. The activation gives possibility to speed up different processes during technological operation. There is possibility to setting up the "draining time" for every station (the duration of delay of rack over container after rise from the one).

The setting up of duration of time between launching of processing of racks gives possibility to processing of several racks simultaneously.

There is also the possibility of the multiple increases in productivity due to installation of several containers with reagent in which the most long technological operation is executed.

Thus Emcostainer-16-25 gives several opportunities for increase in productivity.

The number of stations is enough for providing most complicated techniques, such as Papanicolaou’s stain or different histological methods, H&E particularly. The productivity for Papanicolaou’s stain, for example, may be up to 150 slides per hour.

All these characteristics make the device very versatile and efficient, despite of its compactness. The unique simplicity of mechanics makes the device quite cost effective.


Overall number of stations



1 drying station (temperature adjustable from +40° C to +90° C)

1 station with flow-through vessel (tap water or distilled water)

1 loading / unloading / parking station

13 versatile stations (for containers with reagents or for racks with slides parking)

Number of slides in rack:


Content of solvent containers:

250 ml

Max. number of staining protocols:


Max. number of program steps:


Free choice for each technological program

Interval of slide rack treatment launching (“interval”); configuration  (arrangement of reagent containers and “parking” stations (stations for slide racks), number of containers with reagent for most long treatment.

Free choice for every step:

Reagent, station, time (0 sec – 99 ours 59 sec), activation period (1 - 60 sec); drain time (0 - 60 sec ); number of dipping. 


The extraction device with connection to an external ventilation system. Connection of charcoal filter also possible.

Electronic lock to prevent from working with the open lid, the overflow flow-through vessel and so on.

The water consumption control device with solenoid valve.

Dimensions ( L / W / H )

600 × 540 × 400 mm


~ 25 kg

Power supply

230 V / 50 Hz / 400 VA

Under construction

Under construction

All products are registered by the Russian Ministry of Health. Registration certificates are in the "Documents" section