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Emcostainer 8-V-01 (AFOMK8-V-01)

Hematology, microbiology, cytology (Romanowsky staining). High performance with slide racks for 40 and 50 slides.

EMKOSTAINER AFOMK-V-01 is the programmed slide stainer for automatic fixation and blood smear stain. AFOMK-6 is a medical device, designed for automatic blood smear staining, cytological, microbiological and other biological preparations on slides by given technology program. The device optimally organizes the workplace in clinical laboratory for smear staining.

Fixing and staining are realized by the group method – slides are placed vertically in slide racks. According to given technology program, the slide staining is produced by the sequential programmed shift of slide racks from primary parking stations, where racks are placed by user (laboratory assistant) in technological stations to follow the treatment of preparations (fixing, staining, rinsing, drying, etc.).

Instrument specification

  • Maximum 8 stations, including drying station.
  • Simultaneous processing of multiple slides (group method of slides treatment in stainless slide racks).
  • Flexible configuration, all stations can be used for both technological operations and loading slide racks.
  • Closed working camera with compulsory ventilation.
  • Load/unload slide racks during staining, convenient access to the desktop.
  • Programming of additional modes: extract, activation, dipping, time delay, shaking, the interval of launching slade racks treatment (to remove residual technological fluids) and etc.
  • Stainless reagent container, slide racks and desktop of the working camera.
  • Kinematic scheme provides not only lifting the slide rack from the bath but also its incline, procuring effective drain of process liquids.
  • TFT-Touch screen, graphical and intelligent user interface.
  • LED Indication of stations condition.
  • Deep automation: the instrument determines the appearance of the slide rack for processing, detects the availability of reagent container, monitors the correct configuration, testing the condition of system, reminds about the expiry of the process liquids, gives tips by request.
  • Ability to realize the most important methodics: Papenheim’s, Romanowsky-Gimse, Leishman’s, Gram’s, Ziehl-Nilsen’s, Hematoxylin-Eosin, Auramin-Rodamin’s and etc.
  • Instrument does not need periodic maintenance and adjustment. Surface disinfection of the working camera is carried out as required but at least 1 time per week.
  • The working camera is secluded and is under a slight vacuum, which eliminates the emission of vapors of methanol (or other harmful substances) to the laboratory operating room. There are electronic locks from spill liquid, from the work with the lid ajar, fire blocking, and etc.

Specimen slide throughput

depends on the program-structure, (up to 400 slides per hour)

Loading capacity

max. 4 slide racks

Slide rack capacity

25 or 50 specimen slides, 2 mm thick

Total number of station


Technological stations (reagent stations, load/unload rack stations)


Reagent container volume, ml


Rinse station (tab water)


Drying station


Drying temperature

30°С – 50°С

Permanent memory capacity

max. 30 programs, up to 19 program steps, up to 50 titles of process liquids


Technical Data

Nominal voltage

~ 220V ± 10%

Nominal frequency

50 Hz

Maximum power draw

400 VA

Primary fuses

FST type, mains power, 2 x 10 A

Operating temperature range

15°С to 35°С

Relative humidity

30% to 75%, non-condensing


Dimensions and weight

Basic instrument (W x D x H), in mm

650 x 550 x 500

Dry weight, unpacked

35 kg

Weight, packed

50 kg



Slide racks for 25 slides (1 mm thick)


Reagent container

3 (Romanowsky-Gimse kit)

Trays for slide racks


Kit for tab water connection


Operator’s manual


Manual for training, installation and connection


Presentation of Pappenheim staining by AFOMK8-V-01

Окраска гематологических препаратов по Паппенгейму. "ЭМКОСТЕЙНЕР" (АФОМК8-В-01) 25 стекол

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